The Fourth Generation

thumb chrisEKen Elkington Building Contractors continued business in Marin County until 1972 when the fourth generation decided to pick up a hammer; the name of the company changed regularly as different siblings came into the business changing from Ken & Chris Elkington Building Contractor (Lic. #396522) to Chris & Scott Elkington General Building Contractors (both son’s of Ken Lic. #500346) and then splitting again into their respective names, Chris Elkington General Building Contractor (Lic. #450433) and Scott Elkington General Building Contractor (Lic. #553444).

From then on the rest is up to history and we hope that you and your project will be a part of it.

How We Build

Your home is the most important assets you own. What other possession do you own that is able to protect you, feed you and one day even pay you?

 mJVpQKNKO68tC747J2q RAQeDVL1xY6jEYjM0DcEkwwVCzwfiVRn0yqxdoRjWvkO108IWWtPjl9Sv140QpuZwElkington Building Company is dedicated to producing high quality craftsmanship that goes far and beyond the standard. Because of this dedication we are hands on in all aspects of your project. We work and manage your project with you and your team from the first thought of building or remodeling to handing over the final project. We build relationships with you, your architect, engineer, designer, city officials and all other professionals devoted to your project to create a team. We make sure we are involved in every aspect of the project, this way we can know and communicate what is going on during all phases. Through our experience the best way of doing this is with an open and direct line of communication. Because building is a process, we adapt to all aspects of the project. We understand that in order for a project to run smoothly the builder has to be flexible and open to all ideas.

We are the first to step onto the jobsite, and the last to leave… Our job is to build or remodel your dream!

The Building Process

Elkington Building Company is built on honesty and integrity. Honesty is doing the right thing when everyone is watching and integrity is doing the right thing when no one is watching.

Typical Initial Steps before the First Nail is Driven

Contact EBC to meet and talk about Your project Idea

  • Do you need an architect?
  • Do you need an engineer?
  • Do you need building permits?

We can work with you and your architect to create a project team

  • Architect does design plans
  • Engineer does structural plans
  • EBC reviews plans and contract is negotiated

See types of Contracts

  • Building permit is applied
  • Either at County or City Hall Depending on Home Location
  • Plans are usually sent out for plan check (some cities do have in house plan check)
  • Plans checked for building and engineering compliance with the Uniform Building Code
  • Plan check may need additional design/engineering
  • Plans are approved and building permit is issued
  • Work Begins!